a fitness app for people over 40

Too busy? Unmotivated? Once each day, just launch the app and tap Start.

No thinking. Just moving.

It's tough to stay fit as you get older.

We know you're busy: family, job, commitments. And, if you're like us, you get bored after a while and lose momentum.

Verkout makes it easy to stay consistent.

one workout each day
Hand-picked. Full-body. Everyone around the world does the same workout. Too challenging? Modify to suit your taste.

20 to 30 minutes
You're busy? No problem. You can always fit the Daily Verkout into your schedule.

infinite variety
You get bored with your regular workouts? Each day's workout is something different, always from someone new, someone undiscovered or under-celebrated on Instagram.

doable anywhere
Every day, you'll have access to one bodyweight workout and one workout with common equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, jumprope, box). Roll out of bed, open the app, and GET GOING.

Feel better and stronger after just one week doing the Daily Verkout.

No email.
No goal-setting.
No credit card.
No questions.
No cost.

No thinking.